EASTPOINT, Fla. (WMBB) – The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office has an arrest warrant out for a New York man. 

David Reed is allegedly cyber-stalking Sheriff A.J. Smith, leaving him hundreds of calls and threatening messages. 

“Hi, yes, A.J., I’m gonna need you to cooperate with my request or I’m gonna have no choice but to retaliate,” said Reed in a voicemail he left Smith. 

According to officials, Reed started calling FCSO last week inquiring about a 3-year-old case involving an FCSO deputy detaining an FBI agent whose identity was in question. Sheriff Smith told Reed, who has no ties to the case, that it was closed and he wasn’t going to discuss it further. Sheriff Smith says Reed wasn’t satisfied with that answer and continued calling FCSO demanding to speak to the deputy who detained the agent. 

He began contacting Smith’s personal work and cell phones non-stop, sending him threatening messages and strange photos. 

“Those calls kept coming, and, of course, during that time, there were several hundred calls, text messages, rude text messages, threatening text messages. He sent me pictures of my home with the address saying he was coming to my house and talking about doing lewd things to my family.”

Despite Smith’s efforts to block Reed’s phone calls, the alleged stalker kept calling from anonymous New York and Florida numbers. Reed is no stranger to New York law enforcement and has several risk protection orders against him from previous stalking incidents. Smith told Reed he won’t get away with this. 

“When he called me yesterday, I told him that we know who he was and that you’re going to be arrested and that you’re going to be brought back to Florida. I hope you enjoy the trip.” 

Sheriff Smith says Reed is wanted in Florida on charges of cyber-stalking, threatening a public official, and harassing phone calls.