FRANKLIN COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) – On Tuesday morning, Franklin County issued mandatory evacuations for its barrier islands and later, for Alligator Point.

The rest of the county is under voluntary evacuation, as they brace for Idalia’s landfall.

“The islands are even closer and they’re directly on the water. Homes are directly on the water,” said A.J. Smith, Franklin County Sheriff.

In St. George Island, residents spent their day gathering emergency supplies before they made their evacuation.

Russ Kelly, a Cape Cod resident who spends their winters in St. George Island, has little hurricane experience. However, his experience in insurance told him everything he needs to know about the possible dangers.

“I worked in the insurance industry for 37 years and people are foolish to stick it out because they’ll be stranded. And it just puts first responders at harm and other people you know, jeopardy,” explained Kelly, “So get to dry land.”

News 13 spoke to Apalachicola residents. Many plan to stay and wait out the storm.

Sheriff Smith told News 13 that the Office will stay in the county to provide emergency assistance as the storm passes through.