FRANKLIN COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — Some parts of the Panhandle prepared for tropical storm winds and rain Thursdays from Nicole.

The Franklin County Sheriffs Office was prepared to respond to any storm emergencies.

The islands and low-lying areas were given a voluntary evacuation order before Nicole impacted the county.

Sheriff A.J. Smith said bridges would remain open as long as winds did not reach a sustained 40 miles per hour, but he did not anticipate this happening.

Even though this storm is weaker than the ones in the past, his deputies were still prepared for anything and stationed in areas prone to damage.

“We’re ready, we were ready for the last storm, even when it was supposed to come here and so they’re just out doing their thing, patrolling and just waiting for the calls,” Smith said. “We’re looking to see how things are at Alligator Point because that’s usually an area that gets little damage to the road.”

Sheriff Smith urged residents to stay home if they did not need to be on the roads for their safety. If you see any damages, report them to Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.