Franklin County plans to create 26-acre ‘island’

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EASTPOINT, Fla. (WMBB) — Franklin County is starting work to create a new island, but it’s not exactly what you might think.

The Army Corps of Engineers are going to create a 26-acre “island” on the west end of their current breakwater going south away from the shore in Eastpoint.

“The hope is that this is going to help not only get usable water back here in Eastpoint for recreational and commercial uses but that we are going to see some expanded commercial enterprise here in Eastpoint,” Franklin County Commissioner Ricky Jones said.

The project will include dredging the Eastpoint navigation channel.

They said the island will not be a place for condos or businesses, but it will expand water access and bring lasting benefits to fishermen and boaters.

“Eastpoint historically was a commercial fishing village town and over time, over storms, and over the years this channel has filled in making it pretty much unusable by anyone who would like to do commercial or recreational uses. There’s just not enough water,” Jones said.

These changes are being closely monitored to make sure they are environmentally positive.

“To even get to the point of dredging we had to go through steps where we are doing a plan for the vegetation that needs to be there to make sure that it is all ecologically correct and doing the best for the environment. In the strict sense, you could call it an island, but it is an upland disposal site,” Jones said.

They said the project is expected to be a benefit to navigation through the channel.

The $3 million project will be a 6 to 8 week process.

They are waiting on the final approvals to begin the work.

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