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Franklin County meeting

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB)— County employees could soon see a hike in their paycheck.

Franklin County Commissioners met this week to discuss taking steps to get ahead of the state’s minimum wage increase.

They are currently looking at the results of a survey on salaries.

Evergreen Solutions, a human resource consulting firm, presented a plan that would steadily increase the minimum wage at a commission meeting on Tuesday.

Chairman Ricky Jones said there is a need to adjust the pay scale and this system would allow them a way to gradually adjust it.

“I do believe that Franklin County has had a shortage of workers in the county because some of our pay structure doesn’t really match maybe some of our neighboring counties, said Jones. “There’s a need to adjust the pay scale. This gives us a way to proactively approach it, so we are looking at implementing the plan over the next several years not all at one year.”

Evergreen Solutions’ plan says it would cost $234,098.50 to bring 68 employees up to minimum wage and it would cost $970,098.54 to give 146 employees a raise.

The county will have the option to choose between a three or four-year implementation plan which will divide the cost up by year.

“If we can do it incrementally, it’s going to have the least impact on the tax dollars that are paid citizens, but still at the same time accomplish the goal we are trying to accomplish for our county workers and also meet Florida’s requirement for our minimum wage,” said Jones.

Jones felt this is the most beneficial way to slowly raise wages without creating a large burden for taxpayers.

“I think that’s going to benefit our residents and our county workers in the most productive way possible,” Jones said.

They will discuss the Evergreen Solutions plan at their next budget workshop. They told us they will have the budget workshop next week.

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