PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Controversy over a proposed apartment complex resurfaced at the Panama City Commission meeting on Tuesday morning.

Residents around the north section of Frankford Avenue don’t want the project in their neighborhood.

“If we would have known that there was going to be a four-story monstrosity behind us, we definitely would have not bought this house,” one of many concerned residents said.

Inlet Property Co. wants to build an apartment complex with nearly 300 units off Frankford Avenue and 33rd Street.

The company made the initial proposal at the June 14th Panama City Commission meeting.

Several homeowners spoke against the proposal then.

Residents pointed out there isn’t even a sidewalk on this part of Frankford Avenue.

They said it would be a major safety concern if they were to have 300+ cars traveling on this two-lane road- especially when kids are going to school.

They also said the infrastructure can’t handle this kind of traffic, there are endangered species living on the property and a four-story building would be an invasion of their privacy.

Two weeks ago, commissioners gave the developer more time to try and compromise with the angry residents.

“He has been talking with them and evidently they haven’t heard what they want to hear yet,” Panama City Mayor Greg Brudnicki said.

Commissioners postponed a vote on the proposal until July 26th.

“It’s much easier to conduct a commission meeting when everybody comes in with a smile on their face instead of boxing gloves on,” Brudnicki said.

City officials said often the developer can work with the community to find a solution they’re both happy with.

He said he’s hoping something can transpire before the next meeting.

Residents seem to have their minds made up.

“So to all of you, please make sure you come back July 26th when the developer is here so we can address the rebuttals he’s going to have to the things that have already been said,” another concerned resident, Doug Brown said.

On July 26th, Inlet Property Company officials will either give one last presentation or withdraw their request.