PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Former Panama City police officer Eric Conley was convicted of a battery misdemeanor charge on Wednesday night.

On Nov. 12, 2020, Conley struck victim Calvin Pittman multiple times in the chest as he was trying to calm Pittman down. Pittman was handcuffed and was not resisting arrest.

Pittman did not attend the trial. On Nov. 12, 2020, police were called because a frantic Pittman believed someone was trying to kill him.

Officers were attempting to transport Pittman to Bay Medical Center, however, Pittman was not cooperative.

“Yelling wasn’t working, screaming wasn’t working,” Conley said. “It wasn’t working trying to pick him up and so I used my palm, about three, four inches from his chest saying, ‘hey’ just get in my car, just stop this screaming. And that was the extent of my striking.”

After hitting Pittman multiple times, another police officer pulled Conley away from Pittman. Conley was then interrogated by a Panama City Police Lieutenant and read his Miranda rights. He was then arrested, fired, and now convicted.

Conley’s sentencing will be on Dec. 9. Then, it will be decided if he will serve any jail time, or be placed on probation.