FRANKLIN COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — Franklin County Sheriff A.J. Smith was shocked when he had to arrest his own daughter for trafficking a large amount of meth in April.

On Thursday, his daughter appeared in federal court.

Kristen Kent

Sheriff Smith’s daughter Kristen Kent, 38, was arrested on meth trafficking charges on April 18.

At the time of the arrest, Sheriff Smith said arresting his own daughter was heartbreaking, but his commitment to the community is to prevent people from getting their hands on drugs.

On Thursday afternoon Kent plead guilty to trafficking 50 grams or more of methamphetamine.

Lieutenant Wesley Creamer with the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office said he hopes this will prevent people from selling drugs in the county.

“The only thing is that this strong message, that us and the northern district keeps sending, will hopefully try to stop people from trying to sell illegal narcotics in Franklin County,” Creamer said.

Kent was the only one charged on Thursday.

Authorities said there are more people pending in the investigation at this time.

In April, Smith said preventing meth use and sells is their number one priority at the sheriff’s office.

Kent will be sentenced on September 9.