MARIANNA, Fla. (WMBB) — The Florida Highway Patrol is hoping that the 10th graders in Marianna High School’s driver’s education class will learn a vital lesson before they are forced to learn it the hard way.

“Most people don’t go get in the car and think, ‘I’m going to go wreck today. I think I’m going to go kill somebody today in my car.’ Do you think anybody really does that,” FHP Trooper Sue Barge said.

The students split into two groups. At one of the stations, they put on drunk goggles and that’s when they got to test out their driving skills.

The cones were set up to represent pedestrians. Almost every student hit one, or many.

Students said the simulation did a great job of showing the differences between driving under normal conditions and driving under the influence.

“It impairs your vision so much,” 10th grader Taylor Swearingen said. “It makes you feel like you’re kind of crazy when you’re driving. You’re not able to see how you would normally.”

For some students, this crash course hit close to home.

“One of my cousins actually died in a vehicle crash from another distracted driving person,” 10th grader Mary Grace Gause said.

Gause said she’s learned how important her decisions are while driving and how they can affect other people.

Marianna High School Administrators are hoping state troopers will come back every semester to teach these lessons to the young drivers.