BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — For first responders any day they are at work, they are risking their life.

When authorities respond to car accidents or traffic stops situations can be made even more dangerous by drivers failing to “Move Over.”

Every January Florida Highway Patrol campaigns for the “Move Over” law, which requires motorists to shift into the other lane when emergency or service vehicles are stopped on the side of the road.

If a driver can’t move over, the law states they should slow down 20 miles per hours less than the posted speed limit.

Authorities want to promote the Move Over campaign to make the road a safer place for emergency vehicles and motorist alike.

“It only takes that one,” said Florida Highway Patrol Lt. Jason King. “We’ve lost wrecker drivers, troopers, and other emergency workers on the shoulder, at crash scenes or just doing they’re duty to help keep it safe and that one person fails to move over or slow down and it becomes a catastrophe.”

Punishments for failing to move over could mean points on your license or fines ranging from $120 to $163.

As of last year, drivers are also required to move over for road and bridge maintenance, or construction vehicles displaying warning lights.