BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — As the Fourth of July weekend nears the roads will be packed with drivers heading down to the beach for vacation.

The Florida Highway Patrol launched its annual Safe Summer Travel Campaign ahead of what is expected to be a record-breaking travel season.

“As many know 231 and some of our other roadways are already kind of packed through the day, different portions, different times of the day we are going to see an increase and we are going to see people’s frustration levels increase so again, stay cool, keep yourself in check, drive defensively and be patient,” Lieutenant Jason King with the Florida Highway Patrol said.

King said the summer is one of the most dangerous times of year for younger drivers.

“From memorial day to labor day we are in what’s called the 100 deadliest days which unfortunately means that when we have more teen drivers on the road in those 100 days, our chances of fatal crashes and serious injury crashes go up,” King said.

Last year between June and July there were more than 60,0000 crashes in Florida resulting in more than 2,000 serious injuries and over 500 fatalities.

Besides limiting distractions while driving King said it’s important to make sure your car is prepared before you hit the road.

“We also want to encourage motorists before you travel, with this 106-degree weather we are having, make sure your vehicle is working properly make sure your radiator fluid is properly filled make sure your tire pressure and your tires are good,” King “The worst thing you can do is be stranded on the road.”

King also reminds parents to ‘Look Before You Lock’ and make sure they aren’t leaving their children or pets in a hot car.