Heavy rain has fallen across the area Sunday morning, and in some spots, up to 5″ of rain fell. Leading some roads to be covered with water.

If you come across a road that is flooded remember to “turn around don’t drown”.

If you can see the road you don’t know the conditions the road is in. It takes very little water to lift a vehicle. It is always best to avoid flood water at all costs.

Road Closures:

  • Front Beach road from Allison Ave to Laurie Ave
  • Michigan Ave from East 15 to East 14

Water Reported on Road:

10:42 AM EDT — water over the roadway on Alf Coleman road

10:06 AM EDT — a portion of HWY 77 underwater near Lynn Haven

10:37 AM EDT — local media and social media reported water completely covering Minnesota ave in Lynn Haven and nearby yards. water is up to homes.

11:30 AM EDT — public reports her living room flooded from heavy rainfall in Cedar Grove

10:16 AM EDT — water covering the yards of homes near Sandy Creek.

12:40 PM CDT — water covering yards on 10 Acre Rd. & Ormond Ave. in Springfield

If you come to a flooded road within Bay County that is impassable due to flooding conditions, the Bay County Sherriff’s Office would like you to call their non-emergency number 850-747-4700.

If you have flooding to report please email news@wmbb.com Please send pictures and any necessary information along with it.