EASTPOINT, Fla. (WMBB) — Sheriff A.J. Smith continues to crackdown on illegal drug use.

Tuesday morning he and his deputies arrested five people from what he called a known drug house in Eastpoint.

Inside the home deputies said they found, meth, hypodermic needles, and stolen property from a burglary that took place in Apalachicola last week.

Loreal Lynn Davis, Justin Keith Spell, Donavon John Taylor, and Tiffany Estes were among the suspects arrested.

They’re charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, selling meth, and maintaining a nuisance drug house.

Smith hopes shutting these drug houses down will stop additional crimes from taking place in the community.

“Actually it’s across the street from a ball field where many kids go to play ball,” Smith said. “It’s a bad place to have a drug house there’s no good place but this is an even worse place because we got so many kids that are going there so I am really glad that we put the kibosh on that and we are going to continue to work on some of these other ones.”

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