PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Members of the First Baptist Church of Panama City continued their efforts to feed the area’s less fortunate Wednesday night.

They gathered at the sanctuary’s atrium for what they called a ‘meal packing party.’ They assembled 15,000 bags containing one meal each. Kids from the church’s vacation bible school program raised $3,500 to help pay for the food.

Youth Pastor Brandon Phillips said the kids were overjoyed when they found out they reached their goal and would be able to put these meals together for their community.

“You know, really, as we think about growing in our faith there’s nothing better than serving others and so as they serve others they’re going to grow in their faith and as we serve together we grow as well,” Phillips said. “So they’re real excited about being able to pour back into their community and the hand that they can have in that.”

The One More Child organization assisted in the food preparation. Last year, that group provided more than 18-million meals to 324,000 people. These meals are going to the church’s food pantry, which hands-out food every other Monday.

“One thing that really sticks out to me is all the money that was raised for this event was raised by children in vacation bible school,” said Robert Zarahn, the executive director of initiatives at One More Child. “So, kids came to vacation bible school they gave money to this and now they’re putting this back into thier local community.”

The next food pantry day is August 8th.