PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — With the Fourth of July just a couple of days away, many people are buying fireworks for the holiday. 

But one firefighter is urging people to be careful with explosives after his own bad experience. 

“I was out with family, we were out at the creek and decided to go play with some fireworks and went to go light one.” Bay County Firefighter Brandon Luczaj said. “Soon as I lit it, it detonated just as I released it and caused me to have an accident. Lost a few digits.”

Luczaj lost the tips of his fingers on his right hand.

“I had stitches all through my, the tips of my fingers,” Luczaj said. “I had to have two surgeries total for my hand. My thumb was blown to the side you can see that scar there. I had a drain tube sitting here, this thumb nail was actually blown halfway off.  They had to cauterize this part of my knuckle on the skin.”

He was in the hospital for four days. Once he was released, Luczaj spent a month relearning how to write his name.

“I became a statistic I mean that was one of the first things I thought in my head when the accident happened was, great I just became a statistic,” Luczaj said.

Now he’s trying to ensure other people don’t make the same mistake.

“Most burns and accidents during the fourth of July are caused by sparklers themselves,” Luczaj said. “So the ones you give to your little kids to play with are highly dangerous. They burn very very hot, very fast.”

He advised that people should leave fireworks to professionals. If they fire them off themselves, he said to keep water near.