PANAMA CITY, Fl. (WMBB) — Across the Southeast severe weather has been rampant. Tornadoes and thunderstorms wrecked property and caused problems on the roadways. 

With more cold weather potentially in store this winter, Florida Highway Patrol Lieutenant Jason King said there are several ways drivers can prepare.

“We want to really encourage our drivers to be prepared, make sure they have the proper tire inflation, the proper tire tread proper windshield wipers, even fluid radiator fluid, keep their cars gassed up,” King said.

King said it takes longer for cars to brake when roadways are cold or wet.

Representatives from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said there’s only one way to ensure safety in severe weather.

“Pull over, especially if the wind in combination with the rain is making it hard to see,” NOAA Warning Coordination Meteorologist Mark Wool said.

Wool said in floods, cars could get stuck in the water.

“If the roadway is flooded ahead of you, don’t just assume you can drive through,” Wool said. “People get stuck in floodwaters all the time and they got to be rescued. Who knows there might be a sinkhole in there.”

King said there are a few items drivers should always pack in their vehicles.

“Jumper cables, a few bottles of water, some snacks, some blankets, emergency blankets, something that, you know, that you may need in a crisis situation to get you through two or three days if you’re ever stranded or caught off guard,” King said.
NOAA has a full list of ways to stay safe in severe weather.