BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) – When school doors open in August, it means some adjustments for drivers.

The Florida Highway Patrol began its child safety campaign on August 1.

Troopers said when parents practice proper driving safety, their kids take notice.

“You just wanna encourage parents to utilize their seat belt and lead by example by putting their cell phones down, it’s hard not to ask a child not to use a cell phone, when you’re using a cell phone as a parents lead by example, buckle your child up correctly and get them to school safe and let’s have a great school year,” Lieutenant Jason King of Florida Highway Patrol said.

Lt. King said the most important safety aspects for parents are increasing their awareness around school zones, keeping their cell phones down or away, and of course, always wearing a seat belt.

He also had some advice for young and new drivers who are taking themselves to school this semester.

“They are very inexperienced as drivers, you know, so you don’t wanna have a car full of people, full of friends. You want to be by yourself as much as possible, wear your seatbelt, do not use your cell phone, and plan ahead. Don’t get in a hurry don’t get in a rush driving get to school safely,” Lt. King said.

Finally, remember to “Look before you Lock”, ensuring no small children are left in a hot car.

Here is a link to the campaign’s list of tips and guidelines.