JACKSON COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — FEMA allocated $34 million to Jackson County for Hurricane Michael recovery.

Nearly $5 million is going to Jackson Hospital, including $1.5 million for a backup water system.

That includes a 75,000 gallon water tank and booster pumps to prevent what happened during Hurricane Michael.

“The city’s water system, the city of Marianna’s, was so damaged that the water pressure dropped low enough that there wasn’t sufficient water to supply the hospital and especially for fire protection,” said David Melvin, Jackson Hospital’s Consulting Engineer.

On top of that, FEMA also approved funding for 12 new permanent generators to serve throughout Jackson Hospital’s facilities.

“They’ll be at various facilities. At our Quick Care Wound Care Center on Highway 90, our Hudnell building right next to the hospital, and various other doctor’s offices in the area,” said Kevin Daniel, Jackson Hospital’s facility/engineering director.

$3.3 million was approved to buy and install the 12 generators.

Cheryl Austin said she had been a patient at Chipola Wound Healing Center for five months and is ecstatic to hear they’re getting a new generator.

“They deserve it and it would help the people that come in that really need it that have to be here. If they don’t have power, then they still have to be here,” said Austin.

She said she comes in twice a week and would personally be affected by a power outage at the clinic.

“I miss one appointment and, you know, it’s not good,” Austin said.

Hospital officials are hoping to buy the generators late this year or at the beginning of 2022.