PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Delta-8 is not FDA approved and is, in fact, banned in many states.

In Florida, you can buy it and other similar products at many local gas stations and smoke shops.

Dr. Dawn Sollee, Director of the Florida USVI Poison Information Center in Jacksonville, said it’s derived from hemp and is considered CBD. Many refer to it as ‘legal marijuana.’

“All these are are little tweaks in the chemical structure to try and kind of mimic some of the effects of typical Delta-9 THC which is what we think of as marijuana,” Dr. Sollee said.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said many companies claim their delta-8 products treat or alleviate pain.

But they said some people have ended up in the hospital after using it.

“An herbal product or an over-the-counter product that is not a medicine is used more as a supplement, is not supposed to say it treats something because it hasn’t really been studied,” Dr. Sollee said.

The FDA recently issued warning letters to five companies that claim their CBD products provide treatment.

A local smoke shop employee said he hasn’t gotten many complaints.

“I have, like I said, returning customers and the only bad thing is just flavor-wise but other than that, it’s amazing,” John Tran, Bay Vapors/Southern Smoke Supply Sales Manager said.

Tran also said some people drive from other states just to buy their delta-8.

“We sell all types of form: gummies, disposables, cartridges, flour and I have a handful of return customers for all of that,” Tran said.

One of poison control and the FDA’s biggest concerns is the packaging.

They said it’s too appealing to children.

“I would sit and consume the whole thing and a child is going to do the exact same thing,” Dr. Sollee said.

While delta-8 and similar products are legal in Florida, poison control said to make sure you keep them in hard-to-reach spots.