EASTPOINT, Fla. (WMBB) — The Franklin County Sheriff has escalated his war on the methamphetamine problem in the community.

For the first time on Tuesday, he used a civil action to shut down a major drug house permanently.

“We used a law that was in the books, a Nuisance Abatement, for a drug house and we got an injunction. Their time is up so today we are putting them out of the house,” Franklin County Sheriff A.J Smith said.

A Nuisance Abatement Injunction is a first for Franklin County.

The residents will be permanently banned from returning to the home known for selling and using drugs on 40 1st Street in Eastpoint.

“Now Judy Chambers and Marty Chisom can no longer reside in this residence they have to vacate and that’s what they are doing right now packing their stuff and they’re getting out,” Smith said.

Chambers was arrested in October for maintaining a drug house but was released not long after.

Smith said they received several complaints about drugs being sold from the home again which led him to pursue civil action.

This ordinance means they will be evicted and not allowed to return and they must clean the garbage off of the property.

“We are going to come after you and this is one of the tools we are going to use,” Smith said. “I don’t think it’s being used in a lot of counties it certainly hasn’t been used in Franklin County before, but the people of Franklin County are tired of it and I am tired of it so I hope it sends a message.

Smith placed a sign in the front yard to send a message to other drug users and dealers in the area.

“Leave Franklin County and go somewhere else and sell your death,” Smith said. “We don’t want it here and we are gonna work hard to stop it.”

The process took several months, but Smith said he hopes this will lead to more drug houses being shut down.