EASTPOINT, Fla.(WMBB) — On Tuesday, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office held its fifth annual Thanksgiving luncheon.

The event is put on by the officers for the inmates as part of the county’s inmate rehabilitation program. 

“A loving holiday. I feel that’s what it is. It’s about a lot of love, and they’re trying to show the community that it’s just not all bad,” Franklin County inmate Jonathan Carmichael said. “Just because you come to jail you got to rehabilitate., that’s what they’re after.”

The tradition was started by Franklin County Sheriff A.J. Smith, whose time in office has centered around cleaning up the community.   

” He wanted to do something for the inmates during the holidays,” Franklin County Sheriff’s Office Jail Administrator David Varnes said. “We got together and we came up with cooking for the inmates here in the jail.”

On the menu are many traditional Thanksgiving dishes including, turkey, stuffing, gravy, and pie. 

“Much of the food served on Wednesday was prepared by Major Varnes and his fellow Franklin County Officers,”  Varnes said.

“Here they show a little love about it,” Carmichael said .“It’s what they’ve bought out of their own money or whatever cooked and made. It means a lot. “

The lunch also provides a time for inmates and officers to interact at a more personable level.  

“I believe that most of it come from the heart,” Carmichael said. “I like it because it’s something that you get nowhere else. You know, and I do believe that they care. You know, they’re trying to clean up our community.”

The Thanksgiving lunch is just one of the many events the Sheriff’s Office puts on for inmates throughout the year.