FRANKLIN COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office completed another fundraising project on Tuesday.

They are asking for help to increase their funds to continue making these projects happen.

In 2018, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office Charity Fund was created. The 501-C non profit organization was established after the community was impacted by fires.

“We used it to help people at Eastpoint fires, we bought a bunch of new homes, eight to nine mobile homes,” Sheriff A.J. Smith said. “And then after that we had Hurricane Michael and we had people that had damages and lost stuff and we were able to help them.”

Sheriff Smith and his staff use the funds to build things like wheelchair ramps, mobile homes, and porches.

“This is not cash, but this is how much we have given away to buy stuff, trailers mobile homes and other things, $780,000,” Sheriff Smith said.

Dianne Tittle’s mom recently had a wheelchair ramp installed at her home. It will give her mom the freedom to come and go without needing the help of another person. Tittle said it means the world to her family.

“Peace of mind. A lot of peace of mind, not having to worry about the next appointment coming up and wondering how I’m going to have to get her up and down the stairs,” Dianne Tittle said.

The ramp cost $3,000. The money comes from donations and are used for residents in their time of need.

“There’s folks like me, when I came up here I had to quit my job,” Tittle said. “I was still working, my mom was still able to take care of herself enough that I could work. When she fell May 27th and broke her hip, that ended all work for me. I still have all my finances to pay down where I came from, all ,my bills down there so if it wasn’t for stuff like this, we wouldn’t have a ramp.”

Through this link, you can donate to the Franklin County Charity Fund.