FRANKLIN COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office has been raising money to help a fire victim get a new home.

Sheila Chambers lost everything when her home caught fire back in January.

Since then, Franklin County Sheriff A.J. Smith has been fundraising to buy Chambers a new home.

The goal is to raise $65,000.

Smith said they already have a home waiting to be picked up in Panama City, but they still need to raise $15,000.

“We are really close and we are going to have some other smaller fundraisers in the next few weeks, but if anybody felt like they’d like to help this lady, who is really a super lady, has been in our community for years you know lost her home of 30 years, we’d really appreciate them reaching out to us,” Smith said.

To donate to the Fire Relief Fund for Sheila Chambers visit their website here.