PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — A Bay County paramedic who was hit by a pick-up truck last week is back to work. Jack Fox suffered minor injuries in the crash.

On Saturday, Panama City Police officials said a pick-up truck hit a Bay County ambulance on the Hathaway Bridge. Officials said the truck driver was trying to turn left toward Panama City Beach while in the east-bound lane on the Hathaway Bridge.

But Fox said the accident could have been much worse without his training in driving an ambulance.

“I do not believe the outcome would’ve been the exact same,” Fox said. “I believe my training with the county has allowed me to understand several fast things I would not have been able to piece together in the moment to create a way better outcome.”

EMT drivers undergo 240 hours of training before ever getting behind the wheel. Each year EMT’s undergo eight hours of defensive driving lessons. 

“That includes getting to know the area, traffic patterns, things like that,” Bay County EMS Captain Joel Welch said. “Typical hazards, intersections that are difficult for our area and things like that.”

Sometimes a crash is inevitable. Fox said that by veering toward the median, he was able to avoid a large pile-up.

“The circumstances were very very very hard to avoid anything less than a crash,” Fox said. “And for my angle, the direction that I chose to drive I mitigated and chose what was, in my opinion, the best path and the least destructive path.”