PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — Labor Day Weekend has passed marking the unofficial end to the summer travel season.

This summer, airlines struggled to meet the demands of travelers as many people were taking trips for the first time since the coronavirus came onto the scene.

Besides a few delays, it was smooth sailing at Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport over Labor Day Weekend.

“We are just a few 100 people shy of what we did last year which was our record breaking year so everything was a pretty good weekend and everything ran pretty smoothly,” said ECP Executive Director, Parker McClellan.

The summer travel season had a rocky start with thousands of cancellations and delays ruining travel plans. McClellan said the airlines did everything they could to put their customers first this Labor Day Weekend.

“I think what happened with the airlines is they knew they couldn’t have a repeat of the 4th of July,” McClellan said.

The Tastard family from Houston, Texas came in for the holiday weekend. They said other than a departure flight being delayed, it was an easy trip.

“To me it was easy because I came in the middle of the week so I arrived on Wednesday and my flight was really easy and I love this little airport which is new for us it was very easy to move around and everything,” said Viviana Tastard.

Ethan Tastard said his mom’s flight home on Monday was moved to Tuesday.

“Literally yesterday my mom had her flight delayed and pushed to today so she had to switch flights and they didn’t even tell us the issue it wasn’t weather apparently it was a maintenance issue but we don’t know if that’s true,” Ethan Tastard said.

But his mom, Viviana, was thankful her family decided to stay an extra night.

“It wasn’t that dramatic honestly and to be honest what are you gonna do,” Viviana said. “You just need to go with the flow because you’re on vacation.”

McClellan said just under 18,000 people traveled through ECP this weekend.