BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — A few streets on the eastside of Bay County took hard hits from heavy rainfall on Thursday morning.

Business 98 between Cherry Street and Parker City Limits in Callaway built up some traffic from being closed off.

A sinkhole even started to form on South Berth Avenue in Callaway.

But neighborhoods around School avenue in Springfield got it the worst.

Some residents woke up to around eight inches of water in their homes.

“It was when my dog was whining at me because he couldn’t get down to go to his potty pad or get his drink or whatever he needed to get down for and he was whining,” resident Shelly Mitchell said. “So, I’m like, ‘ok what is it?’ and the first thing I see, I step in the water again.”

Mitchell said her neighborhood floods every time there’s heavy rain.

Sandbags don’t help.

She said she’s repeatedly contacted Springfield city officials, but no one will do anything about it.

“I was sitting on my dresser because the water was high and everything’s leaking,” said Mitchell. “The water from below it’s coming up and so we have nowhere to sit.”

At the end of East 3rd Street is a tobacco outlet, Brothers Outlet.

The owner said flooding in the area has been an issue for 10 years.

Last year alone he lost a big chunk of change.

“I had a $10,000 loss for my inventories,” Brothers Outlet Owner Vipul Patel said. “Today, I don’t know how much I’ll lose.”

In addition to selling tobacco and beer, Patel rents Uhauls.

On Thursday the water got so high it almost got into the big trucks.

“Insurance doesn’t give me the flood insurance because this area is not flood, so the insurance doesn’t give me the flood insurance,” Patel said. “This is why all of the time I lose the money.”

Mitchell said this is the fourth time in a little over a year their property has been challenged by the rain.

She and Patel both said they are fed up with the flooding.

They said they can’t afford for this to keep happening.