PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — News 13’s Anna Hoffman got caught celebrating a little too early Friday Night.

Towards the end of her live segment with Panama City Quality of Life Director Sean DePalma showcasing the youth empowerment night held at the Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Center in Panama City, Anna pulled up for a jumper just inside the three-point line.

The shot was on target, but just barely made contact with the rim, causing it to do a full loop around the rim and looked to be going in. Until it decided not to.

Unfortunately for Anna, she celebrated just a little too early. After the ball does a full loop around the rim, it pops up and out. It almost looks to be knocked out by another shot.

The clip went viral on Twitter, racking up over 2.5 million views as of Saturday night. It was also shared on ESPN’s SportsCenter Instagram page.

The video was even the top video associated with the #MarchMadness hashtag on Twitter.

After all the madness, Anna says “it’s always important to laugh at yourself because that’s what makes life so much fun. Remember you miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take, so you might as well shoot for the stars!”

Even though she missed the shot, we all can learn a valuable lesson from it. Never celebrate too early.