DEFUNIAK SPRINGS, Fla. (WMBB) — The DeFuniak Springs police will be patrolling around town in new rides.

The police department just received three new Ford F-150 pick-up trucks.

The trucks will make it easier for police to access rural areas. Instead of the sedans, they hope the new trucks will offer better fuel economy and last longer than their previous cars.

Defuniak Springs Police Chief James Hurley said it will also make it easier to navigate bad weather and transport stuff they couldn’t fit in their sedans.

“Picking up bicycles, shopping carts and stuff where we couldn’t put them in the sedan,” DeFuniak Springs Police Chief James Hurley said. “Bad weather allows us to get around, navigate a little better, higher off the ground.”

The pick-up trucks were $37,000 each and were apart of this year’s budget.