DEFUNIAK SPRINGS, Fla. (WMBB) — A DeFuniak Springs mural that sparked controversy among residents is still unfinished.

Council members paused the project after DeFuniak Springs residents expressed their opinions about the mural on Baldwin Avenue downtown.

Once it was uncovered, hundreds of comments from Facebook users flooded in calling the mural “a waste of taxpayers’ money” and a “disgrace.”

Council members voted to pause the project for 60 days.

“The whole mural had a lot more paint involved and because the backlash was so fierce and quick on social media,” Defuniak Springs Tree and Beautification Board Chair Kim Wennerberg said. “That’s when the beautification board recommended to the city that they pause it.”

The DeFuniak Springs Tree and Beautification Board put together a survey to determine the mural’s future.

“In the survey and in social media we are hearing how the yellow is really bright, the font isn’t pretty, it’s facing the wrong direction you can’t see what it is from the street and then you have other people who think it is a nice addition to downtown but in large part, it’s not a positive reception,” Wennerberg said.

Wennerberg said 750 people responded to the survey on the first day.

Over the last three weeks, over 1,400 people have responded to the survey rating it on a scale from one to ten.

The mural is partially done, so they are hoping the responses help them continue the project in a way that pleases everyone.

“What recommendations do you have? Do we leave it alone and let it die? Do we go to get a grant and see if we can do something other than using taxpayer dollars to finish it out?” Wennerberg said.

Residents have until the end of the week to submit their opinions to the survey.

The board will present the survey results to the city council at the meeting on August 22 and then they will decide what’s next.