PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB)– The stolen bike of cross country cyclist, Patricia McNeal, was found on Tuesday evening.

The man who allegedly stole the bicycle, Jacob Daniel Ramsey, was taken into custody. He is charged with six counts. In addition to stolen property, he faces drug possession and larceny charges.

Panama City Beach Police officers found the bicycle along with several others in the woods behind Rock World off Back Beach Road.

“It’s sentimental and plus that bike just went all over the place with me,” McNeal said.

Her $4,500 bike was found in very poor condition. It was completely disassembled and spray painted. It was also stripped of its lights and Garmin tracking device.

“She made it back home to me and it’s very sentimental and at the same time its heartbreaking you know it’s not the same,” McNeal said.

McNeal is happy that when police found her bike, they also found the bikes of others in the community.

She is a part of Liv Cycling USA’s Ambassador Program, and the company has announced they will donate a new bike to her. That bicycle is expected to arrive in a few weeks.

Until then she will continue to use the bike her friend loaned her for transportation.