BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — The old Bay County incinerator is about to become a memory.

Although the actual demolition process began about four months ago, crews are now tearing down the larger parts of the facility. The incinerator shut down in March 2021.

Since opening in 1984, the facility has burned the majority of solid waste generated here in Bay County, but it’s been a money-losing proposition for most of its life.

The county had budgeted $2 million for the demolition, but county officials hired a salvage company and the salvage company is paying the county $125,000 to tear it down.

“Just so the taxpayers and citizens of bay county fully understand that what they did on this is actually pretty good. They paid us and are paying us to take these facilities down. And where they are making their money and their profit at is scrapping all of the materials,” Capital Projects Division Manager Fred Brown said.

The county has 260 days to completely demolish the incinerator.