PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Throughout the course of the pandemic, dermatologists have noticed that COVID-19 can cause hair loss.

“I would say we have certainly seen an increase in hair loss due to COVID,” Dermatologist Haley Lewis said.

Lewis said she sees two to three people a week suffering from hair loss due to COVID.

“Over the past probably year and a half or so I think we’ve really noticed that there’s a link because we’re seeing more and more people come in who we’ve asked ‘have you had any recent illnesses or any major life events’ and a lot of people are reporting that they were hospitalized or even just really sick from COVID and noticing that they’re losing hair,” Lewis said.

Some patients have mild hair loss, but others have lost 70-90% of their hair. Lewis said some people that were balding were hospitalized with COVID-19, but others were asymptomatic. Most people begin losing hair a few months after having COVID.

“It certainly is more prevalent than I think people realize and I think they’re just chalking it up to ‘I’m just losing hair.’ But really it could probably be attributed to their illness,” Lewis said.

She said there is no way to prevent hair loss from COVID, but there are over-the-counter supplements that can help regrow hair.