JACKSON COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — Lake Seminole has been in rough shape since a category 5 hurricane swept over the state line in 2018.

“The Corps of Engineers has done nothing to speak of in the lake to do any cleanup,” Georgia resident Wade Godsey said.

“It gets worse every year and it’s going to continue to get worse if they don’t do something now,” Georgia resident Wade Godsey said.

Godsey and Petrie plan to send letters to state officials and federal officials requesting $2 mil. in immediate relief for lake restoration and an additional $1 mil. per year for upkeep and maintenance.

The lake’s condition has caused a multitude of problems for boaters.

Some have difficulty maneuvering their boats around fallen trees and debris. It’s also making a negative impact on tourism.

“We’re going to lose the lake if we don’t do something,” Godsey said.

Members of five different county commissions are supporting the cause.

Perhaps the most complained about issue, is invasive grass taking over the lake.

“The hydrilla in that lake and damage that was caused by Hurricane Michael, it was devastating to our county and so it needs to be fixed,” Jackson County Commissioner Eric Hill said. “I’m glad to see representatives from other counties around.”

Godsey and Petrie aim to send the letters on Friday.