BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — A contractor was charged after taking a large down-payment from an elderly couple after Hurricane Michael and then failing to perform the work or refund the money, according to State Attorney Larry Basford.

Luis Perez

Luis Armando Perez, 54, of Jacksonville, was found guilty of grand theft over $300 Monday after a bench trial.

According to the release, prosecutors presented evidence gathered by the Bay County Sheriff’s Office that the defendant accepted a $7,138 down-payment for work on a home that belonged to an elderly couple, but the work never took place.

The payment represented about 10 percent of the full price of the repairs to the hurricane-damaged home.

They made the arrest in June 2019, about 6 months after the victims had written the defendant and his company, G&G Repairs, a check which was cashed about three days later, according to the release.

Perez admitted to receiving the money and not conducting any repairs and refusing to issue a refund.

Perez was sentenced to 23 days in the county jail and was ordered to repay the $7,138 in addition to other court costs and fines.

According to the release, Perez’s time in jail will be followed by 5 years of probation.