PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Residents in the Cove are dealing with violent dogs. On Sunday night, a pitbull on the 200 block of Cove Avenue attacked a neighbor’s dog. 

“I ran out of the house and saw these two dogs attacking another dog,” Kenny Leidelmeijer, who intervened, said. “One of them was a pit bull. So stupid me you know I jumped on the pitbull and I grabbed it by the jaws and I started beating on the pit bull.”

The dog’s owner said that without Leidelmeijer intervening, her dog would have lost its ear. But it still suffered puncture wounds in its face, mouth, and ear.

“I started noticing that the ears were getting torn and I didn’t know what to do because the dog wouldn’t let go so I just started pounding harder and harder and harder,” Leidelmeijer said.

The neighborhood has been dealing with the pit bull and another dog terrorizing other neighborhood pets.

Often, neighbors said the dogs are unleashed and walking around the neighborhood. One neighbor said he no longer walks his dog around the neighborhood because of those dogs.

“We have had complaints about them in the past,” Kathy Beaston, Division manager of the Bay County Animal Control said. “And we investigated those complaints and the owner has been issued citations.”

Beaston said that the department has filed multiple citations against the owner for past violent actions by the dogs.

Sunday night’s attack is currently under investigation.