City officials address flooding issues in Lynn Haven

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LYNN HAVEN, Fla. (WMBB) — For years, residents of Lynn Haven have suffered from flooding throughout the city.

After this week’s storms, one resident reached out to News 13 to voice concerns about the maintenance of the ditches and culverts in the city.

Verida Bray says four inches of rain crept into their home Monday morning.

“The causes of it is there are no drainage ditches and they don’t keep the ones that there are cleaned out,” Bray said.

While Bray and her family have been victims of the issues for years and Hurricane Michael made things worse.

She says since the storm, she noticed things are getting fixed other than the drainage issues.

Bray said, “Margo Anderson seems to think things have to be beautiful. Her parks and her recreational things and the street that she lives on, Florida Avenue, where our roads don’t get any help. She needs to take the money that’s been appropriated for the hurricane and fix our ditches, keep them cleaned out.”

Mayor Margo Anderson says though, only certain money can be used for certain things.

“But as far as a park or splash pad or any other improvements that are made in other areas, as we’ve tried to explain in commission meetings, money can only be spent for the things it’s allocated for,” said Anderson.

Anderson says she also deals with the issues and there are multiple causes for them.

“Over the years, there have been, I would just say sometimes the permits that have been issued have not been followed. We have a mixture of a septic system and city water system in Lynn Haven. In some neighborhoods, the culverts are 36 inches leading into an 18-inch culvert and the water sometimes will back up because of different size culverts.”

Before she became Mayor, Anderson says the Storm Water Fund was depleted. Since she took office, they’ve been building that backup.

“Before the storm, we had accumulated quite a bit of money in our stormwater fund,” Anderson said. “We had a paving project going on, we were replacing culverts.”

She understands this won’t be an easy fix but help is coming very soon.

“The National Resource Conservation Services, which is a federal program, we’ve been working with them for months to get funding to clear the major waterways which lead into the ditches, the ditch system which flows into Lynn Haven and that funding has just now been secured.”

Work will begin to clean those out in the next few weeks.

Anderson says she hopes residents will remain hopeful and patient through the process.

Mayor Anderson gave News 13 a full look at the issue and also an update to the state of the city.

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