SPRINGFIELD, Fla. (WMBB) — Leaders in Springfield have started the conversation about potential redistricting in the city.

At Monday night’s city commission meeting, Mayor Ralph Hammond informed officials about upcoming election ward redistricting.

Redistricting happens every ten years, and it is based on the new census.

Mayor Hammond said the new developments and residences in Springfield that opened this year will not affect the redistricting, since it is based on the 2020 census.

“If we agree, it’s a pretty smooth process,” Mayor Hammond said. “If we disagree, then we’ve got, as a city commission, to sit down and figure out how we want to do it.”

He also said Mark Andersen, the Bay County Supervisor of Elections, has already made a provisional ward map for the city.

“We’re gonna work with Mr. Andersen the best we can to get this thing done and make sure it’s correct,” Mayor Hammond said.

The mayor also said he hopes the new ward map is complete and voted on by January, so voters know which commissioners to correctly vote for in the election next April.

View the current election wards in Springfield.