CALLAWAY, Fla. (WMBB) — The City of Callaway has been hard at work trying to address stormwater issues.

On Monday, they began a project on two ponds that have been neglected for the last few years.

When it rains in Callaway, there’s a good chance all of the water will end up in either the Fox Lakes or the Lannie Rowe retention ponds.

They’re the two largest in the city and they’re not in great shape.

“These ponds have been neglected over many years. So as an effort to continue stormwater drainage in the city, lots of debris had acquired in these, so we are currently in the middle of a project using our ARPA money to address these issues and get these ponds cleaned up,” Callaway City Manager Ed Cook said.

The 90-day project will focus heavily on invasive species clogging up the ponds. Afterward, city officials hope to maintain and utilize these lakes as parks, a place where residents can come to fish.

“So it’s really a win-win to both assist in the stormwater, but also creates areas of recreation for our citizens here in Callaway,” Cook said.

Cook said the two retention ponds are only the beginning.

“We’ve got three major stormwater projects that we are getting ready to bid out, once again, we will be using ARPA funds on this,” Cook said. “And all three of these do affect these lakes so it’s just a continued effort within in the city to get our system more robust and assist drainage.”

Cook said recent heavy rains have helped identify stormwater issues, so city officials can continue addressing those areas.

The lake cleanup project will cost $150,000.