BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — Bay County’s charter schools will soon be getting a share of the school district’s half-cent sales tax money.

Voters passed the sales tax in the 1990s to rebuild crumbling campuses.

In the past, charters received some of Bay District Schools’ half-cent sales tax money for specific projects. Now they will receive an annual share of the revenue.

“We petitioned the school board to give us an annual cut of that sales tax revenue and they agreed to do so,” Palm Bay Education Executive Director Ron Danzey said.

Palm Bay, Bay Haven and North Bay Haven, as well as the rest of the county’s charter schools, will receive a combined $3.5 million.

“Each charter school can come up with their own plan,” Danzey said. “But you can use it for new construction, expansion. You can use it for technology, you can use it for safety. Those are the big three.”

Palm Bay will receive around $500,000. Bay Haven schools will receive around $2 million.

Bay Haven CEO Larry Bolinger said he plans to buy fencing and video cameras to improve security. He’s also making plans for a new 4th and 5th-grade classroom and covered walkways. He wants to complete North Bay Haven’s sports complex and install additional lighting.