BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — Four engineering students at FSU PC are making huge strides in the world of technology and music.

They formed a group called ‘Chaos Audio’ and have been creating an innovative new guitar pedal for artists.

The Chaos Audio group was formed in 2019 with an idea to combine multiple sound effects into one guitar pedal, instead of many that some musicians use.

“You’ll see their big racks of different pedals. But ultimately we were like how hard would it be to make a digital pedal that encompasses all of those different effects.” said CEO of Chaos Audio, Landon McCoy.

Soon after, they received a private investment for this creation from the CEO of TechFarms, Steve Millaway.

“We took a look at their prototype then at their business plan. And it was just awesome. They’re some of the best students we’ve seen.” said Steve Millaway.

After receiving that funding, they began developing prototypes. The pedalboard works in sync with a phone app, where different sounds can be chosen on the app and then played by the stratus pedal.

From here the group is continuing to work out the pedal’s final kinks.

“Typically with projects like this, they work on it for 3-4 years- other companies that work on electronic products. By the time we get a shippable project it will be around 2 years, so we were on a very accelerated timeline,” said McCoy.

Saying this hands-on process has been difficult, but getting it to its final stage will be huge for the group.

“They can add all of these effects digitally now which will revolutionize the business. I think it’s going to be a good product,” said McCoy.

The chaos audio group is looking to keep it affordable.

“Were shooting to have a price tag no higher than 299, but hopefully around 249 for just the final production unit,” said McCoy.

From here, the group plans to launch a kick-starter campaign in November. You can find more on the group on their website: