PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Thursday’s flooding caused significant problems at a Panama City cemetery.

Water saturated the ground at Hillside Cemetery and lifted a coffin out of its vault and forced it up to the surface.

It is a city-owned graveyard. City officials said the person inside had been recently buried.

Panama City’s Quality of Life Director Sean DePalma said his department were on-site Thursday assessing all the damages and will be on-site Friday to further alleviate the issue.

“Hillside happen to have a handful of caskets that needs to be addressed and citizens reached out to me, we came out here to assess the situation start to move forward with an action plan to resolve it,” explained DePalma.

City officials said when a situation like this occurs, the medical examiner’s office is required to respond.

Then the funeral home that handled the original burial will re-bury the deceased.