CALLAWAY, Fla. (WMBB) — Callaway caught the brunt end of Hurricane Michael.

Resident Debra Dean said her and her neighbors’ property values tanked after the storm.

“Almost to zero,” Dean said. “Because of the debris all over and because in this particular area so many trailer homes, especially the ones behind us, across the street from us, got damaged so bad.”

Dean said values are slowly rebounding as the neighbors clean their individual properties.

Getting rid of dilapidated homes also helps a lot.

“I think the city tore down somewhere between 20-30 homes ourselves. We’re down to 10 left,” Cook said. “Those houses have been abandoned so we’ll be working towards those.”

Cook said he wishes they were further along, but they only have a small amount of time to complete each step in the process, or else they have to start over.

Also, FEMA denied an involuntary demolition grant they thought they were guaranteed.

“They have successfully done that program in other communities across the nation but for some reason on this one they pulled out at the last minute and we did not get any involuntaries done,” Cook said.

Code Enforcement is averaging 3-4 demolitions a month.

At that rate, they hope to have all 10 properties cleared by the end of the summer.