CALLAWAY, Fla. (WMBB) — A Callaway man is being held without bond in Bay County Jail after being charged with murder.

25-year-old Theron Masters Whittle of Callaway was arrested and charged with murder after allegedly stabbing both of his grandparents in their throats.

It happened about 7 p.m. on Thursday night at their home on Colonial Drive.

Investigators said Whittle ran into the woods across the street from the home.

Theron Masters Whittle

“They immediately start trying to render aid and life-saving measures for those two victims while also trying to secure the scene and locate the suspect,” Captain Jason Daffin with the Bay County Sheriff’s Office said. “The suspect was located there in the area and was immediately taken into custody. The two victims were transported to a local hospital where they were treated for their injuries which were multiple stab wounds.”

Whittle’s grandmother died from her wounds.

His grandfather is in the hospital in critical condition.

“One victim unfortunately, didn’t make it, and that was Mrs. Shirley Whittle, which is the grandmother of the defendant, but Theron also had to be transported to the hospital for minor injuries and he was ultimately interviewed and then booked into the jail for an open count of murder,” Daffin said.

Daffin said they are still trying to pinpoint a motive.

“There’s some conflicting information about the motive, so we’re still trying to work through that, through doing interviews, and last night we sent some investigators to an adjacent county to try to follow up and do interviews with other witnesses and we’re still out continuing that today, trying to locate as many witnesses as we can, try to get as much background information about all parties involved,” Daffin said.

Whittle has previously had trouble with the law.

He was arrested in December on aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and was awaiting trial.

Right now, Whittle is being held without bond on an open count of murder, but Daffin said more charges could be filed within the next few days.