CALLAWAY, Fla. (WMBB) — Over the weekend, the city of Callaway had a total of six inches of rain. A few places around the city are now flooded.

City Manager Ed Cook said he’s aware of two areas of heavy flooding. One is adjacent to the Callaway cemetery.

The city is working with Florida Power and Light to correct the issue since it’s next to a power line. The other is at the end of Lee Court.

Cook said the storm water pipe is too small and needs to be replaced.

Despite flooding, Cook said mitigation work has reduced the number of trouble spots from six to now just these two.

“The fact that we had six inches yesterday here in the city of Callaway and we only had two flooding issues and we don’t know of any homes that had water in them, we’re pretty excited about that,” Cook said. “We do not want water in homes. We don’t want flooding at all but those very very heavy deluges of water in a short amount of time, there’s just not a lot of places for rainwater to go.”

Cook said the city has been increasing culvert sizes, digging ditches, acquiring easements, and enlarging retention ponds to combat stormwater issues.