CALHOUN COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — Calhoun county sheriff’s deputies arrested the business manager for Calhoun and Liberty County Department of Health Thursday night on a complaint issued by the Florida Department of Financial Services.

Kelly King, 47, is accused of using a state credit card for fraudulent purchases.

They’ve identified 54 suspect purchases from November 8, 2019, until August 10, 2021. King allegedly made two of them on another employee’s card.

King allegedly spent almost $158,000 for her own personal gain. She allegedly spent $95,000 on her health department purchasing card.

Almost $74,000 were said to be for electrical repairs and maintenance items. Kelly turned over invoices to DSF showing the money was spent at three companies — Woodland Business Essentials, Custom Renovations, and Repairs and Mycom Promotions. But no websites or contacts were listed for any of the companies.

Almost $12,000 was said to be spent at Mycom Promotions for 1500 men’s toiletry bags. Investigators could not find the address for Mycom.

DFS tried to track down the Woodland Business Essentials address. Investigators eventually discovered the address provided by King was actually the home of a family member.

The department’s report says all 54 invoices were suspicious because they were similar in size. King’s supervisor Rachel Bryant alerted DFS of her suspicion when she realized the businesses were not approved state vendors.

In the report, Bryant said the purchases were not usual items bought by the health department
Department of health officials told DFS there were several amazon boxes shipped to the health department which did not have business names on the boxes.

Officials believe those boxes were King’s fraudulent purchases. On October 26, 2021 investigators spoke with Alexandra Cook. King was Cook’s boss.

Cook told investigators King made large purchases from three businesses never used before.
She said the purchases were not done in an ordinary way.

Investigators claim king made fraudulent purchases for almost two years. The investigation began on Oct. 21, 2021. She is currently being held in the Liberty County jail without bail.