CALHOUN COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — Flames began spreading around 1:30 p.m. Monday afternoon near Augies World RV Park and Campground off Highway 20.

Sheriff’s officials said a landowner had a permit for a prescribed burn, but the fire spread out of control.

The Florida Forest Service firefighters arrived, named it the Florida 20 Wildfire, and went to work.

“It’s 90 acres and 30% contained, I have ten tractors responding to this area right now, plus some air resources,” Manager of Chipola Forestry Center Mike Mathis said.

Air resources include a spotter plane and helicopter. Roger Nuber’s property backs up to the fire line.

He said Monday was so smokey he could hear the spotter plane overhead, but could not see it.

“You could just see the smoke line and the flames had two Mossy Pond firetrucks in the backyard here protecting the house,” Nuber said. “The smoke was pretty bad, they had a spotter plane up, you actually could not see the spotter plane because the smoke was so heavy.”

Officials said the 90 acres are in a very wet area. You’d think that would be good, but in reality, it could take longer than normal to fully contain this fire.

However, weather conditions are improving.

“This weekend we had low, low humidity with a little bit of high winds, that always helps a wildfire,” Mathis said. “Right now, the humidity is going up and we’re hoping that it will decrease the amount of potential that we do have.”

So far, no one has reported any injuries or property damages.

Authorities shut down Highway 20 on Monday due to heavy smoke. It reopened overnight and it is not expected to be closed again.