BLOUNTSTOWN, Fla. (WMBB) — Calhoun County voters have overwhelmingly approved restaurants to sell and serve liquor drinks by the glass.

Prior to 1977, Calhoun was a dry county.

In ’77 the law changed allowing restaurants to sell beer and wine, like many of Calhoun’s neighboring counties.

But that’s been changing over the last few years, leaving Calhoun as the only county not selling liquor by the glass.

A political action committee called “Forward Calhoun” and the Chamber of Commerce, pushed for the change, saying it will help the local economy.

“So it’s a very difficult time for some small business owners, particularly in the restaurant industry here,” Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce Johanna Plummer said. “We’ve seen several restaurants open and closed and I think this is going to give them a little bit of cushion and enough profit to be able to stay open and maintain a local workforce and just provide a little quality of life in Calhoun County.”

Plummer said it will take about a month for the law to take effect.