Calhoun County breaks ground on new airport terminal

Calhoun County

CALHOUN COUNTY Fla. (WMBB) — It was two years ago that Hurricane Micahel destroyed the Calhoun County airport making it completely unusable..

Airport Board Chairman Scott Snyder saw the devastation right after the storm and said he was in shock.

“You’re just numb,” said Snyder. “Anybody who has been through a terrible hurricane like that knows you just don’t know how you will ever get back to normal again.”

He said roofs were ripped off and airplanes were flipped over instead of taking off.

But even after all the devastation, today marks the start of a new beginning as the county held the official groundbreaking for the new terminal.

“You look at these things and think they’re never going to be the same and they’re not,” said Snyder. “But honestly we are much better off for it.”

The new airport will have a four thousand square foot terminal that includes a hub for pilots to regroup, conference rooms and event spaces.

Project Manager John Collins said all of this is a part of a plan to improve Calhoun County’s economic development.

“I think we are looking at the next five year development,” said Collins. “We wanna bring in new tenants, new businesses to the airport that could really spur growth. Our focus right now is really over the next 10 year period.”

The airport will be called Foxtrot 95 and will serve as a center for people to come together just like they did today. Rob Sims is a member of the Airport Advisory and Steering Committee as well as a pilot. He said he wants this airport to feel like a part of the community and work to draw in industries.

“We wanna have people here so we are just welcoming anyone that wants to come visit,” said Sims. “So we want you to feel warm and welcome and know you are wanted in Calhoun County.”

If all goes as planned, construction on Foxtrot 95 will be finished by early fall of 2021.

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