PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) – Bundle of Hope Adoption and Family Services is helping children receive Christmas presents as a part of their ‘ Children Left Behind’ gifting program.

Bundle of Hope is an adoption and foster care agency that provides various family services.

“It makes my heart full to know that we are part of it, and our community is part of making a child’s dream come true by being able to help them with their Christmas,” said Glenda Carr, CEO of Bundle of Hope Adoption and Family Services.

At each of the Bundle of Hope locations around town, you will find a decorated Christmas tree waiting for gifts to go underneath it. On each tree, name tags are hanging with Christmas items listed.

This year, Bundle of Hope has 350 children on their list to receive gifts. Each child comes from either a single-family household, incarcerated parents, parents in rehab facilities or parents who are terminally ill.

“I’ve seen the other side of the story where moms struggle, single mothers struggle,” said Carr. “I’ll go into their jails and help women. We go into rehabs, and we help the women, and we see that there are struggling parents, and we talk to them, and there was no extra money for Christmas.”

Bundle of Hope asks each child on their list to give them three wish list items and their shoe size. If it is a teenager, Bundle of Hope asks what clothes they want.

The ‘Children Left Behind’ program provided more than 2,000 presents to Bay County children last year.

“We had a young lady that went to one of the businesses, and she looked at the Christmas tree that she was standing in front of; her son was on the tree, and she just started crying,” said Carr. “When she saw that it was a reality that her son was going to get Christmas this year.”

The ‘Children Left Behind’ program will sponsor a Christmas party at the Captain’s Table Fish House Restaurant next Saturday where the kids will meet Santa Claus and receive gifts.
Bundle of Hope Adoption Family Service hopes to fill santa bags by Monday the 12th.

Bundle of Hope ‘Children Left Behind’ locations:

Hairology in Panama City Beach

Grand Marlins Resturaunt

J.Michaels Resturaunt

RX Express Pharmacy

Mr. Surf Shop

State Attorney’s Office

Bay County Department of Emergency Services

Think Real Estate Hwy.


The Mustard Seed

Northstar Church

Drip Coffee Company

Beef O’ Brady

Cove Condrs,

Eastern Shipping