LYNN HAVEN, Fla. (WMBB) – The city of Lynn Haven is still on a mandatory boil water notice after a water plant got struck by lightning Thursday.

Water plant one was under routine maintenance when water plant two was struck by lightning, resulting in the mandatory boil water advisory.

Greg Kidwell, the director of public utilities for the city of Lynn Haven, explained what a mandatory boil water notice is.

“Mandatory is when you have a treatment technique failure or you’ve discovered an actual contaminant in the water system, Kidwell said. “In our case, a treatment technique failure due to the lightning strike resulted in the mandatory notice.”

Kidwell said the lightning strike took out both their backup generator and transfer switch, which resulted in a loss of pressure and chlorination, prompting public utilities to issue the boil water notice.

This notice has affected Lynn Haven restaurants.

Judy Tinder, the owner of Victoria’s Last Bite, talked about how she reacted to the noticed.

“First thing I did was come down to the restaurant and bagged up all the good ice, Tinder said. “Then we unplugged our ice machine so it didn’t keep running with bad ice in it. Then we went out and bought gallons of water to make tea with and we have individual bottles for our customers who drink water.”

Besides just drinking, a document the city released states that consumption also includes brushing teeth, washing produce, and homemade ice.

The water may be used for bathing as long as the water does not get into the eyes, nose, or mouth.

“We flushed the system last night” Kidwell continued. “We took our first round of samples this morning. We’ll have another set tomorrow. Early reports on chlorine residuals throughout the city are very encouraging and I think we are well on our way to putting this incident behind us.”

Pending the sample results are cleared by the lab, Kidwell anticipates that the notice will expire on Monday.